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Every sport has different demands on the equipment used. adidas Sport eyewear delivers multiple solutions and next-generation technology frames to fulfill these needs. This is achieved through our close cooperation with top athletes during product development to ensure we deliver the benefits specific to their sports.

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Wrap Around Rahmen-Technologie

Wrap Around - Frame

The wrap-around frame technology with the extensive, up to 10base, curvature of the frame and lens provides the widest field of vision and gives you a snug fit. It ensures that the adidas Sport eyewear will not dismount and protects your eyes from any kind of external influences.

 Anti Fog Technologie


Anti-Fog Technologies

The ClimaCool™ technology by adidas Sport eyewear is based on a dynamic ventilation technology. Air is directed in a way that is not intrusive and does not disturb your eyesight, in order to prevent the lens from fogging.

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 03 lens fixation

Lens fixation

adidas Sport eyewear has developed a Lens Lock System™ to ensure a fast and sturdy interchangeable lens system. This is a very quick and beneficial way to change lenses, for example when your hands are sweaty or you are wearing a bike glove. With just a few clicks, the lens is changed. All you need to do is fold the temple to the closed position and slide the adidas logo away from the lens to release it. To secure the lens, simply open the temple and slide the logo towards the lens.

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 04 lens change

Lens Change

Quick-Change Lens System™ is a sophisticated lens fixation that not only guarantees a proper fit, but also allows for easy lens changing. Simple, fast and sturdy – your adidas Sport eyewear lenses are built for easy handling. No matter what the light and weather conditions, with one simple movement you will be well prepared.

 05 quick release hinge

Quick Release Hinge

The Quick-Release Hinge™ is a patented release mechanism for the temple hinges. The temples can be easily reinserted and clicked in to position by hand.

 07 headwear compatibility

Headwear Compatibility

The products by adidas Sport eyewear are developed in such a way that the angles, curves and materials all work together to offer an optimum fit with helmets or other headwear, without causing any pressure points.

Head Strap

adidas Sport eyewear offers different solutions to either change the side temples to a head strap or to attach the strap at the end of the temple. Both options have been developed to ensure that no pressure point is created and you can quickly and easily change it back when desired.

 06 stable pressure free fit

Stable and Pressure-free Fit

The adidas Sport eyewear Traction Grip™ offers a non-slip and pressure-free stable fit. The Traction Grip™ provides the necessary flexibility whilst also offering complete comfort when being worn.


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 08 sweat blocker

Sweat Blocker

To make sure that sweat does not disturb your performance, adidas Sport eyewear has developed a sweat blocker. It is a system that allows you to quickly and easily remove or attach it. The foam on the sweat blocker also supports the anti-fog functionality of the frame.

 10 nose cover

Nose Protection

The outdoor eyewear model terrex pro also comes with a nose cover. It is a removable part that has been developed together with the frame to ensure a perfect fit whilst still allowing for good ventilation.

 11 goggles


The goggles from adidas Sport eyewear are not only convincing thanks to their strong style; they also offer multiple-award-winning technology. In addition to the innovative frame technology, the goggles also feature LST™ lenses to ensure perfect vision, whatever the weather conditions.

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Climacool Technologie Lens Lock System
Traction Grip Goggles

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